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Does tea tree oil for acne and pimples work?

does it work and how fast?Does tea tree oil for acne and pimples work?
Yeah it works but be careful since it is very strong, some people dilute with with another oil like jojoba which closely resembles the oil our skin naturally produces.Does tea tree oil for acne and pimples work?
Yes it works as it has antibiotic type properties. How fast it works depends as each person is different.
I have never used it for acne and pimples. It is great for smelly feet.
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  • Is olive oil mixed with salt good for acne?

    I have acne, but not very severe. I have this book that uses things at home in place of buying stuff and it mentioned mixing olive oil with salt enough to make a past for your face. It says your complexion should clear up in a couple of days. Is this true?Is olive oil mixed with salt good for acne?
    it sure is! its good for your hair too.. toothpaste works pretty well on your acne as well

    if you DO use it on your hair make sure you rinse it all out =D

    you might want to take zinc tablets - that really clears up acneIs olive oil mixed with salt good for acne?
    i just tried and my skin is so soft right now! i hope my acne clears too! i have a formal dance for our grade in 4 days! Report Abuse

    I had lots of zits and my face looked horrible. I even had red, itchy, irritated skin around my nose for years that drove me crazy and nothing would clear it up. Then I heard about olive oil and now I rub down in it every time I get out of the shower, and the irritated skin cleared up in a matter of 2 days and hasn't been back since. Not to mention the zits.

    It would seem that adding more oil to your face would make the zits worse, but that's not the case at all. Olive oil leaves your skin extremely soft and smooth and clear. I've never heard about mixing salt. Olive oil alone works for me.

    I'd recommend buying extra virgin olive oil (first press) and put some in your hand and rub it in. It'll also smooth out your elbows if they're rough.
    Most people want to treat acne scars rather than acne.It is like treating measles scars

    rather than measles.Acne is a skin condition caused by the internal imbalance.All medicines

    and creams which help to remove acne scars contain benzoyl peroxide.

    You can regain your internal balance and cure your acne completely and permanently by

    natural techniques.For, More Information,

    Good Luck
    Sea salt alone would do wonders for your acne. An alternative to this is dissolving sea salt in warm water and use it to wash your face. Or you can soak in it to clear up body acne. You can use bath salts as well, which is sea salt added with fragrance oils.
    I agree with Julie B (lol)

    I wouldn't put olive oil on acne prone skin! That makes NO sense whatsoever! I think that remedy was concocted by someone frustrated with their own acne and just didn't want to suffer alone!
    I would think any type of oil applied to the skin would actually make acne worse, considering acne is caused by a buildup of oil in the pores...
    no!! try this, just as easy, cheaper, and will help your skin tremendously


    good luck!
    put oil on the face is not good idea,it is harmful for skin.

    Does tea tree oil really help to reduce acne?

    I heard essential oils such as Tea tree oil can help reduce acne prone skin from reoccuring. I know the australians consider this to be their miracle product, b/c it treats almost every skin problem you can think of, is this really true?Does tea tree oil really help to reduce acne?
    I guess it depends on you, it may work for some people and make things worse for others.Does tea tree oil really help to reduce acne?
    There are a few companies that specialize in Tea Tree Oil and they swear that it will treat just about anything.

    It can be used to treat acne, but there are other essential oils that are used as well. Spike Lavender, Sweet Thyme, Roman Chamomile and Neroli. Palmarosa, Thuja, Thyme, Vetiver, Bergamot and Cistus. Please read about the attributes of each in relation to the skin and decide which is best for you and your situation.

    Applying diluted essential oils to the skin after cleansing can help reduce bacteria and speed healing, aid in draining and eliminating toxins. Clay masks are very helpful as well. They can be used both to prevent and treat an outbreak. cures a lot of skin irritations like acne, but you should only apply very little on you face. what i suggest for acne is boiled aloe vera sap mixed with tea tree oil
    Yes, and no. Tea Tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia) has antibacterial properties, and pimples are just small, very localized, infections.

    Tea Tree oil won't make your skin less oily, or less prone to breaking out. But it *will* help with existing pimples, as well as keeping your face relatively ';germ-free.';

    Never use Tea Tree oil full strength - it will burn. It's much more important to keep your hands off your face during the day, and to wash your face often.

    You might want to look into booking an appointment for a facial. Ask specifically for a facial for acne prone skin.

    i believe it works when i was younger i had horrible skin and was put on medication for it, started using tea tree oil and my skin cleared up so much, i then stoped taking the medication for my face but kept using the tea tree oil and have not had a problem with acne since, its also good to burn for colds, good for cuts, cold sores, infections and to use on the floor to kill germs
    no, not for me anyway, i tried it and it made my skin worse.
    made my skin worse, its like one of those natural remides, those never work unless you rreally dont have a problem
    Have a look here.
    Tea Tree Oil has anti-bacterial properties so yes it is true.
    I think it does work. I've tried it, and although it smells funny, I got some results. I'm actually trying to find something that helps acne. Right now I started proactiv, but if that doesn't work I might go back to tea tree oil- I ran out of it one day and forgot it existed! I'm glad this question reminded me.

    Can I Use Both The Neutrogena Wave & Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit?

    I just got the Neutrogena Wave %26amp; I've been using it for about five days. But, I also got the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit. Can I use them both? Like, use the wash in the morning %26amp; the Wave at night? Or how should I? Help?Can I Use Both The Neutrogena Wave %26amp; Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit?
    Use the wave in the morning because at night when you don't move your skin can get very dirty. Use the acne wash before you go to sleep because most acne washes tend to be bad to your skin if in sunlight.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash causing dry itchy, irritated skin?

    I recently started using the oil free acne wash from Neutrogena about a week ago, and now my face is now full of dry itchy irritated skin. I had a mild case of acne breakout around my forehead and heard this was a good face wash for acne, but now my face is so dry and it is really itchy in certain spots around my mouth and nose.

    What can I do? I use face lotion often, but its not helping!

    Suggestions? Thanks!Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash causing dry itchy, irritated skin?
    I had the same problem when I started using the same acne wash. I switched my regular lotion to this moisturizer, by Clean %26amp; Clear:鈥?/a>

    It leaves my skin feeling SO soft and smooth. This is one of my favorite beauty products! I definitely recommend it!Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash causing dry itchy, irritated skin?
    try using the acne wash when your in the shower because if the water is hot then is will be humid which helps to open your pores. also try using moisturizer as soon as possible after using the acne wash. you may have to use more moisturizer and you may have to use it more then once but if it helps then it's worth it. if the dry itchyness continues, try using a smaller amount of acne wash and mix it with a little bit of water before appliying it to your face. hope this helped and good luck.
    The Neutrogena is drying you up too much. Your skin was probably ';Normal'; just with minor acne. You probably just needed a good cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. When the right combination is used, the minor acne goes away. I have a customer right now that can attest to that. I use skin care products from MaryKay and I can recommend some products for you that I know you will be happy with. To match you with the right formula, I would need to ask you simple skin care questions. Contact me when your ready.
    hmmm, i use that cleanser and it works really well for me. i'm guessing that it was too strong for your skin. that's kind of weird because i don't break-out, but i have really oily skin. it's probably just too strong, so it irritated your skin. i suggest that you stop use and try using a much gentler product.

    neutrogena is such a great brand. either you had an allergic reaction OR you're not moisturizing your face.

    try moisturizing your face. try cetaphil!

    if it's not the moisturizing, switch to a different wash.













    GOOD LUCK!!!

    RECOMMENDED SKIN CARE鈥 use clean and clear cream wash (good for sensitive skin or those that dry to easy) or Neutrogena clear skin make up remover wash. Both contain salicylic acid which prevents breakouts and gradually evens the skin tone out too. This is the most important thing you can do. I鈥檝e tried various 鈥榦il free鈥?鈥檚alicylic acid鈥?moisturisers but the best I鈥檝e found is the clean and clear on鈥 found the Neutrogena one actually seemed to aggravate my skin.

    EMERGENCY SPOT TREATMENT!...The toothpaste things works! Put on a blob at night and put a bit of tissue over it so it doesn't make a mess. It cools the area down and reduces the inflammation. I also recommend the clean and clear advantage spot treatment gel.

    HORMONAL SPOTS鈥ny female with spots I'd recommend trying dianette or yasmine contraceptive pills because if it's hormonal that can sort everything out within weeks鈥hough it can take a couple of months to get used to the pill.

    FACIAL ACNE: AVOID鈥on't use harsh scrubs and peroxide products daily like some people do; that can dry your skin and make produce MORE oil...just exacerbating the problem. Many face packs I鈥檝e tried and those blackhead removal strips too seem to have caused problems.

    I鈥檝e also had problems with those 鈥榝acial wipes鈥?made by clean and clear and Neutrogena because they鈥檙e too drying and when the top layer鈥檚 too dry, the oil gets stuck underneath and causes more problems!

    Some say chocolate doesn鈥檛 affect it鈥t does for me and I don鈥檛 know how or why that should be but certain foods do seem to affect break out. Coffee is one of those things that seems to aggravate my skin too. So look out for anything you eat that might be making it worse.

    HAIR PRODUCTS鈥e careful what products you use in your hair if it's long - certain conditioners have causes me to break out at times. Also be careful of hair gels, hair sprays and serums.

    INGROWING HAIRS鈥or men or women鈥f you have oily skin, these are more likely. For men鈥se a facial scrub and avoid moisturisers that don鈥檛 have salicylic acid in them if you use a moisturiser. Some hair conditioners are much better lubricants than shaving cream too 鈥?so you might want to try that, and then was afterwards with a clean and clear was etc. Also I recommend the microdermabrasion kit mentioned later.

    For women鈥axing seems to cause the main problem 鈥?we pay most attention to our faces. Waxing seems to be the main culprit as opposed to shaving or hair removal creams鈥o avoid in-growing hairs, make sure to exfoliate. I recommend using those exfoliating gloves 鈥?that way, you can use any kind of shower gel.

    NUTRITION鈥 recommend taking a 100% multi vitamin/mineral complex 鈥?those little spots you get around your mouth can be due to a vitamin b deficiency for example. Also I recommend Omega 369 oils every day because they improve blood flow.

    OLD WIVES TALE??...It's an 'old wives tale' type remedy - but a spoonful of cider vinegar and honey in hot water 3 times a day is meant to help EVERYTHING. It tastes nice too...kinda like honey and lemon X

    HYDRATION鈥?Keep your hydration right by drinking plenty of water, avoiding caffeine and alcohol and too much salt!

    DEALING WITH SCARRING鈥here鈥檚 an excellent micro-dermabrasion scrub called 鈥榬e-finish鈥? by L'oreal. You only use it a couple of times a week (and use at night because it makes your face red!). It really works not just with the colouring but also the texture - smoothes it back out. It comes with it's own moisturiser which I don't use but I use the scrub at night a couple of times a week and put bio oil on which it supposed to help clear scarring and even skin tone.

    If you get your skin relatively under control, try using '21 days Fade Cream' (which I get from eBay) because it quickly clears up any scarring. It鈥檚 a skin lightening cream and is very effective as long as your skin type agrees with it. Bio oil is a good alternative!

    Also, to detract from the colour variations in your skin tone, I recommend using Benefit鈥檚 Posie Tint or Benetint lipstain 鈥?this can be put on your cheeks and lips (which also makes your teeth look whiter as an added bonus). Lipstain is better than lipstick because it doesn鈥檛 smudge and it stays on; you can put lip balm or lip gloss on over it. Also, if you use it (SPARINGLY) on your cheeks, it is just like putting water on there; it doesn鈥檛 aggravate the skin or cause breakouts.


    Is vitamin e beauty oil good for making acne scars that are now pink disappear?

    vitamin e is good, and green and black tea are good indrediants too. Most scar-fading gels are safe to use on any type of scar. Also try Mederna, that stuff worked great on my legs after a bad fall while horseback riding.Is vitamin e beauty oil good for making acne scars that are now pink disappear?
    yes it should work. i used it on my legs to get rid of scars from acar accident and it worked like a charm. my scars were brownish but it should work for pink scars too. good luck! (;

    Do the oil free acne wash pink grape fruit acutally work?

    ive been try this for about three or four weeks and i still have acne!

    does the work for anyone else cause i really need my acne to go awayDo the oil free acne wash pink grape fruit acutally work?
    it didn't work for me at all!

    so the next time i went to the doctors, i asked my pediatrician and he put me on some stuff that's really helping.
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